Social Media: OA Members FAQ

This page is for OA members wanting to find out more about social media, recovery and anonymity.

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These answers are written by members of the World Service Web/Tech Committee and other OA members, and are based on our own experience and our understanding of the OA guidelines. They are not endorsed by OA as a whole.

Is there official guidance for OA members on using social media?

The Statement on Public Media says:

Members of Overeaters Anonymous using social media are responsible for maintaining their own personal anonymity and respecting the anonymity of other OA members.

The Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digital World document has lots of advice on how to do this.

If I Like an OA Page on Facebook, will my friends see that I like it?

If your Facebook friends visit the page that you have Liked, it will show that you Like the page, unless you adjust your privacy settings.


To do on a web browser, go to your Profile page and click on ‘More’ on the top menu, then select Likes

Then click the pencil icon and choose Edit the Privacy of Your Likes

On the Facebook app, go to your Profile page and click on ‘More’ on the top menu- the three vertical dots beneath your Profile picture.

Then click on the following series of links:

  • View Privacy shortcuts
  • More Settings
  • Privacy
  • Who can see the people, Pages and lists you follow?

If I join a Facebook group, will people outside the group know I'm a member and see that I've posted?


This depends on what type of group it is. Facebook groups can be Open, Closed or Secret.


If it is an Open group, then all members’ names and everything that is posted is public.

If it is a Closed group, then all members’ names are publicly available but what you post is private to the group.

If it’s a Secret group, then this is completely anonymous.


Find out more about the different types of Facebook group