Social Media: Service Bodies FAQ

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions from service bodies who are setting up or running social media pages.

This page is a work in progress so please send your questions or suggestions to

These answers are written by members of the World Service Web/Tech Committee and are based on our own experience and our understanding of the OA guidelines, they are not approved by OA as a whole.

Is there official guidance for service bodies on using social media?

OA has created a document called Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digital World which has lots of useful information on all aspects of online communication and how they relate to anonymity and the Traditions. This includes social media but also covers email, websites, podcasts and more.

What will we need to consider when setting up a new Facebook Page?

A member of the World Service Conference Young Persons’ Committee who was involved with setting up their Facebook Page has written this document Points to consider when creating a Facebook Page which gives step by step guidance on the decisions you’ll need to make when setting up a new Page.

Can you give us some ideas for what to post?

For ideas of what to post on your social media accounts, have a look at the OA World Service Facebook page

You could use your Page to:

  • Share information about OA events
  • Link to useful information on OA websites
  • Share inspirational quotes from OA literature
  • Let people know about your Intergroup meetings and news


For other ideas, search for Overeaters Anonymous on the Facebook site and click on Pages to see what other Intergroups and service bodies are posting

Can we use the OA logo on our social media accounts?

Yes, you can use the OA logo on social media. You will just need to make sure you have applied to the World Service Office for permission first.

The permission form is the same one used for posters, stationery and websites so if you have already filled that in you don’t need to do it again for social media.


If you haven’t applied for permission before, you will find the application form and more information on the Copyright Requests page. You will need to reapply for permission every two years.

Remember, you will need to use a version of the logo that includes the name of your Intergroup or service body, like this one:


Example service body use of OA logo

Where can we find pictures to use on social media? Do we have to give a credit?

If you want to add pictures or photos to your posts, there are lots of websites where you can download royalty-free pictures at no cost. These can be used for any purpose and you do not need to credit the source.

A few examples are, or but there are other sites you can use too

How can we use Facebook groups anonymously?

Facebook has three privacy setting for groups:

Facebook has 3 levels of privacy for its groups. You can create an open group, a closed group, or a secret group.

An open group is completely public. The list of group members and everything they discuss can be read by anyone, even if you are not in the group.

closed group means that although you need to join the group to see the messages and discussion, the list of members is publicly available – ie the full name and profile picture of every member can be viewed by anyone visiting the page.

secret group means that the membership list, as well as the messages and discussions, can only be seen by people who are members of the group.

So the only way to keep the anonymity of the members of a group on Facebook would be to set it up as a Secret group.

Download a full explanation of the three types of Facebook group