Tech Ideas

Here are some of the ways that Intergroups and Regions are using technology in their service work – find out what they are doing, how they are doing it and what lessons they have learned:

  • Los Angeles Intergroup – Mobile app for the OA Birthday Party


“OA has found that its message carries just as well via podcasts, email lists, online and phone meetings, as it does in written and printed form. And the 21st Century has brought a new set of tools which OA can use to find those compulsive overeaters who still suffer. One of the projects we undertook this year was to pilot test the use of a Mobile App for Los Angeles Intergroup’s annual Birthday Party celebration.”

This year, the LA Intergroup crowdfunded the money to develop an app used by visitors to the 2018 OA Birthday Party. Read their full report to find out how they developed the app, what it was used for and how popular it was with attendees – over 500 people downloaded and used the app during the event!


  • Region 8 – Viewing the Region Assembly online


Region 8 have been pioneers in enabling visitors to view their Assemblies online via free video calling technology, and are now planning to allow virtual attendees to be fully participating delegates with a voice and a vote at their Spring 2018 Assembly.

We’re looking forward to seeing how this works, and whether it’s something that other Regions might want to replicate so we’ll bring you more information as and when we have it!

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